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    LibDem Leader Tim Farron writes …

    “We’re 100 days into a Tory government and, let’s be honest, they have been fairly clear on what they’re about. Unfortunately, for the majority of us across the UK - those of us who didn’t vote Tory - it doesn’t look pretty.

    A clear course has been set that puts the interests of the haves over the have nots, dismisses issues like the environment and migration as someone else’s problem, and enthusiastically paints the UK as an increasingly insular, ungenerous country, ill-fitted and unwilling to play its part in Europe.

    Heartbreakingly, week after week, we’ve seen the Tories unroll a whole raft of policies that we blocked in government:-

    • Protection of housing benefit for those under 21 - gone;
    • Protection of child tax credits for larger families - gone;
    • Protection for the benefit rates for people with disabilities and health problems that make it particularly difficult for them to enter the job market - gone;
    • Support for onshore wind farms - gone;
    • The Green Deal, aimed at improving energy efficiency in people’s homes - gone;
    • Protection from fracking in precious wildlife areas - gone;
    • And the decade-long plan to make all new homes “zero carbon” by 2016 - suddenly, inexplicably, gone.

    We now know that the Tories’ ideological and unnecessary welfare cuts will hit the poorest families in the country - mostly hardworking families. These changes are deeply unwise, deeply unfair, and horribly divisive. The Tories, in one stroke, have also crushed the hopes of tens of thousands of older people and their families who will now face the catastrophic costs of care on their own. Getting rid of the cap on the costs of care without any assessment of the costs to individuals or councils, and with no plan to address the growing crisis in social care, is an act of callous stupidity.

    The warning lights are flashing. This unfettered Tory government has been painfully clear what it stands for. We need to fight back!”

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