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    Spring Conference!

    What a weekend! Last weekend was Spring Conference in York and everyone had a fantastic time. Every conference is always full of interesting debates where members share their experiences, concerns, and support for policies. For the first time we also introduced One Member, One Vote, allowing all members at Conference to vote on policies.

    Thank you all to all the stewards for their hard work and dedication; volunteers who helped out; and the great atmosphere that members helped create. See you in Brighton!

    You can watch the the full weekend here. You can also watch Tim's speech by clicking this link.


    Sign someone up to the party

    Tim has challenged every member to recruit two new members to the party before the end of the month. Can you help?

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    The Budget

    This was George Osborne’s sweet and sour budget. His sugar tax may seem sweet, but his hidden cuts are sour. This is not a long term economic plan, it is a short term economic scam.

    He has missed his targets and is making ordinary people pick up the pieces, with cuts to disability support, universal credit, and local services. Once again his words simply don’t match his actions.

    He said he wouldn’t fix the figures to fit the plan, but he has cut vital spending to fit his own arbitrary and unnecessary spending surplus.

    Worse, what the Conservatives have done to junior doctors they are now doing to teachers. Schools will open for longer but it is underpaid teachers who will have to do more work for the same pay. Osborne should lift the 1% cap on public sector pay.

    Britain deserves better. Watch Tim's response

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